Julia W Salinas

About ME


I'm a visual artist with a 25-year-long background in painting, both acrylic and oils, abstract and figurative.

But that 2-D background was just a stepping stone to make me into a sculptor. Since June 2015 I have been studying sculpting at the Art Students League of New York under well-known masters: Arslan, Anthony Antonios, and Jonathan Shahn.

Most of the larger works are done the old fashioned way -- working from the model from 3 week poses in the round, in clay on an armature. I make a mold of the clay original, then make a cast by filling it with plaster or cement, but sometimes in less conventional materials like paper or cloth. Then I chip away the waste mold and the sculpture emerges.

The process takes many weeks, with many steps, and is filled with challenges and setbacks. But, at the end, the results make it all worthwhile.